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What is the big picture, the Salvation Plan?

What happened at our Baptism?

How important is the Eucharist?

Do we really need to go to Confession?

Divine Mercy, the second greatest story.

What is Mary’s role?

The power of the Rosary

The Saints

The role of our guardian Angel

What happened at my confirmation?

What are the gifts of the Holy Spirit?

What are the fruits of the Holy Spirit?

Who is Jesus?

Who is God the Father?

God as a Trinity God

What are All Saints & All Souls days about?

Marian Consecration

Why do we need the Church?

Is the Pope necessary?

Adoration – Why? What? How?

What is Prayer?

A look at the Mass

Examen of Conscience

What is Lent about?



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What are the 7 deadly sins?

How do we discern the spirits?

What does the Lord’s Prayer mean?

What is the sacrament of marriage?

What is the sacrament of holy orders & anointing of the sick?

What are Catholic obligations? E.g. Mass, Confession, Fasting, Penance, holy days of obligation?

What is Divine Mercy Sunday?

What are the Commandments?

What is the Paschal Mystery?

Do we really believe in miracles?

Are Marian apparitions legitimate?

What do Catholics believe happens after death?

What is the meaning of the cross, medals, holy water, scapulars, relics?

Can suffering help us grow spiritually?

Are we in a Spiritual Warfare?

What are the reasons to be Catholic?

The Protestant Reformation

What are the primary beliefs of other religions:   Islam / Hinduism / Judaism / Buddhism / New Age?

What is meant by the Occult / Free Masonry / Illuminati / Exorcisms?

How can we evangelise?

How do we defend the faith?


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